The 4 Keys to Restoration: Practical Steps to Mending a Broken Marriage

This is book is a guide that will help you to build your faith and trust in God while He is leading you through the process of mending your marriage.

The keys in this book will give you practical steps to follow as you draw near to God and listen for His unique guidance for your marriage.


For Christian wives who want to strengthen their faith while "standing in the gap" and desire to receive Spirit-led instructions for the rebuilding of their marriage.

The 4 Keys to Restoration includes:

4 Keys that will help direct you through your restoration journey

Practical tips to help you build your relationship with God

Real life examples that help demonstrate how Holy Spirit influences your marriage


About the Author

Eunise Chery is a speaker, teacher,  certified Christian Life Coach, author and a wife of 23 years.

Eunise is fervent about seeing strong marriages that are built on the Word of God.  She knows that when a husband and wife are united as one that they are unstoppable.  Eunise's vision is to help Christian wives find contentment and joy in the midst of the imperfections of marriage.  She is on a mission to help Christian wives honor their husbands by first honoring God and living a Spirit-led life.