Marriage Restoration

Focus: Christian wives who are facing marital challenges.

Eunise provides a faith-filled message specifically for Christian wives who are facing the challenges of separation or divorce in their marriages.

Does your marriage feel hopeless? Does your husband want a separation or even worse...a divorce? Being married is a blessing but it can be TOUGH.  You never thought you would find yourself BY YOURSELF.  When you said "I Do" you meant it.  In sickness and in health... until DEATH do us part...separation can feel like death.

I know that feeling.  The pain, the frustration and the anger. God doesn't want us to live in our feelings.  We are instructed in His Word to live by our FAITH.  It takes Faith to be married and to STAY married. What does that look like?


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Why is this happening to me?

  • Can God heal my marriage or should I just give up?

  • How do I "stand in the gap" for my marriage?  

  • What do I tell my children?  

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation and don't know what to do, Eunise's signature word entitled "4 Keys to Restoration: Practical Steps to Mending a Broken Marriage" is for you.

This message will help you to build your Faith in God and His Word while you pray and fight for your marriage and family.