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All About
Eunise Chery

It's all about your relationship with the Word of God

Hi, I'm Eunise Chery. I am a Speaker, Certified Christian Life Coach, mentor, and educator.  My vision   is to help Christian wives find contentment and joy in the imperfects of marriage. 

I am passionate about encouraging women in their spiritual growth while fulfilling the vision they have for their marriages and family.   I am dedicated to helping women grow STRONG in their faith and BUILD strong families using biblical principles.

Just like you, I am a wife and a mother.  In fact, I have been married for 23 years and I have 3 beautiful children.  I know that your family and its legacy is important to you.  I also know what it’s like to face challenges, hardships, and disappointments in your marriage and family life.  Because of my faith in God and His Word, I was able to push through some difficult seasons and watch my family grow and develop into what God designed for us. My passion is to assist YOU in developing YOUR faith in order to fulfill all that God has destined for YOU, YOUR marriage, and your family. 

​If you are in need of encouragement, strategies, and tools to help you build your FAITH so you can be the Godly wife you desire, contact me TODAY!